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Restaurant & bar opening times:

  • Restaurant open for morning coffee from 10am
  • Bar open daily from 12 noon
  • Restaurant open for lunch and dinner Monday to Saturday
  • (Restaurant open 7 days for residents)

February Dinner Menu
(view menu as pdf file )

Starters £7.95 unless says otherwise

An Old Fashioned Melon Gondola with a Maraschino Cherry

Cheese Breaded Trio – Camembert , Mozzarella and Brie with Cranberry Sauce

Avocado and Bacon Caesar Salad

Mince Bolognaise Penne Pasta Bake and an ickle bit of Garlic Bread – or have a bigger portion as a main course !!

Roasted Vegetable Quiche with Mediterranean Veg Mix Garnish

Traditional Prawn Cocktail with North Atlantic Prawns and Marie Rose Sauce £8.50

Tomato and Red Pepper Soup or Soup of the Day with Crusty Bread £ 4.95

Mains £13.95 unless says otherwise

Single Haddock from Amity Fish wishes to meet Golden Crispy Batter or Panko Breadcrumbs - interests include Chips, Peas + Tartare Sauce

Home Baked Beefsteak Pie with Soggy Bottom and Crispy Top Pastry + Skirlie with Cheesey Tatties, Chips and Peas Mmmm Mmmm !!!!

Creamy Chicken Carbonara Tagliatelle with Bacon + Garlic Bread Mind there is Bolognaise Penne Pasta as well !

Salmon Ravioli with a Cheese and Broccoli Sauce

Marshall’s Scottish Macaroni Cheese with Garlic Bread, Chips and Peas £11.95

Chicken Tikka Curry served with Rice, Naan Bread, Poppadom and Chips

Fowlies of Strichen Burger in a Brioche Bun topped with Cheddar or Blue Cheese accompanied by Peas and Fries £11.95

Creamy Mushroom Risotto £11.95

West End Butcher Sirloin Steak with Crispy Onions + Mushrooms, Chips and Peas £19.95


Banana Loaf with Toffee Custard

Red Velvet Triple Layered Gateau

Apple Crumble and Custard

Strawberries and Cream Ice Cream Slider with Cream and Choccy Garnish

Selection of Cheese and Biscuits

Coffee with Home Made Fudge £2.95

Coffee with Home Made Fudge £2.95


Do you enjoy a good wine? Do you know a little bit about wines and would like to know a little more? Oliver and Greg's Selection.

1. Chardonnay - Australia
Rich, creamy and smooth with lots of ripe tropical fruit and creamy finish

2. Pinot Grigio - Italy
Refreshing, light and crisp – a lively white wine

3. Sauvignon Blanc- France
Stylish, dry and crisp with classic gooseberry aromas and concentrated citrus fruit.

4. Rose – California
Juicy and refreshing – lots of ripe,fresh red fruits, followed by a touch of sweetness

5. Shiraz – Australia
Sumptuous and big – packed full of blackberry fruits – smooth and juicy

6. Cabernet Sauvignon – Australia
Delicious and warm with a blackcurrant nose and ripe fruit

7. Merlot – France
Voluptuous, soft and lingering. Rich in colour, juicy fruit flavours with a soft


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